Happy Summer, my friends!
We are halfway through the year, how did that sneak up on us? This Summer has been such a great time catching up with friends, donors, and students. If I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you in June, you will be hearing from me soon. :)
We are only half way through Summer but it’s already so filled with so many memories. Here are a couple of things I have been up to since the end of the school year.
Corefa Selection: Each Summer we spend time selecting student leaders to volunteer their time to lead small groups on the college campus. For an entire school year, these students commit over 10 hours to serving students on their campus and sharing Jesus with them. Pray for the Dallas team as we have these conversations with students and pray for boldness as the students decide to step up and serve their campus. Every year we have students that are excited to lead, pray this year that excitement will continue!
Planning for the School Year: This Summer our staff…
Hi Friends!
The semester is coming to an end.
It’s so crazy that we are in the middle of April and that the Spring semester is ending in four weeks. God has been so good to us this semester and I’m excited to share with you all the cool things that He has been up to.

Spring Showcase (the fundraiser we put on each year to send students to SICM) was a huge success! It was the first time to be at a new church, have two shows and one art show and thanks to you the event was so successful! We made over $17,000 in one day!! All of that will help in sending over a 100 students to SICM this May.
Richland: I love this school so much and coming after Winter Camp our students were excited about reaching out to our campus and sharing Jesus with their peers. This semester we started sending out students in pairs to have spiritual conversations with other students and they have been so encouraged by the outcome. In these conversations they are praying for students, starting a friendship and inviting…
Hey Friends! Hoping your February has been going great and you have stayed far from the flu! This year is already moving too fast, am I right?. January was full of exciting things, hope you are blessed to get to read about some of the neat things that are going on in our neck of the woods.

I kicked off the year by heading to staff retreat in Burnet. We have a retreat before the start of each semester and they are such a blessing to my personal ministry. Staff retreat is a time where we reflect  on our relationship with God, relate to one another (this is the most time I get with the staff from other campuses), and we get to share about our ups and downs from the Fall semester. It’s always a rejuvenating experience for me.

This past month we also headed to Winter Camp, this our biggest event of the year! We had around 20 students from Richland that got to experience camp for the first time. It’s been a month and they are still talking about the experience and I know this will be such a…
My Friends!
How are we already wrapping up the semester? Our students have started finals and it feels like Welcome Week was just a few weeks ago. Here are some highlights from my ministry this past month.
One of the things we value as a ministry and that we want our students to also value is learning and pursuing God. Once a semester we do an event called Pizza Theology to help our students learn and think more critically about Christianity. This month we had Professor of Greek and New Testament, Bill Watson from Criswell College lead us in a lecture on the Sermon on the Mount. I was so blessed by his lecture! For four hours we explored the words of Jesus and how we are called to live like Him. Wanna know something cool? You can listen to the lecture here. You will be so blessed!
Ministry at Richland has been so so so encouraging. This semester building community and our ministry having a presence on campus have been so easy! Our students show up to core each week eager to learn abou…
My friends,
It is Fall with a high of 90, happy November ya’ll!
Here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods this past month. God is continuing to build and grow our communities both at Richland and UTD and so many students are maturing in their faith. Thank you very much for all your support and please continue praying for the students in our ministry and our campuses.

This month’s student testimony is from one of my Richland favorites, Josh Erdmann! This guy is such joy to be around and makes our campus ministry so fun. He is one of those people that can strike a conversation with anyone which makes him so valuable to the Richland campus.

This semester I have also had the chance to do a 1:1 Bible study with Josh’s girlfriend Claire (love and obsessed with her) and this month I asked her how her relationship with Jesus has been impacted through Richland Focus and this was her response. “I finally am certain that I am a child of God and I have gained more of an understanding o…
My friends!
This year has been flying by and God has been so faithful and continues to bring students into our UTD and Richland College ministries. August and September are the craziest months for campus ministry but things are starting to slow down and the students that are coming to core and our fellowship meetings are now solidifying.
This school year I get to lead a coed core at Richland with one of our apprentices Eddie. We have been meeting for over a month now on Tuesdays at 1:30  and it has been such a blessing getting to meet students and share Jesus with them! Our group of students comes from different cultural, religious, and family backgrounds. We spent the past two weeks sharing stories about events that have had a deep impact on their lives. There was a lot of crying together, encouraging one another, and such a strong connection was formed. These students have been through so much and yet here they are coming to learn more about Jesus. Please continue to pray for our Ri…
My friends,

The Fall semester is off to a great start. I love Summer and I’m glad it was so restful but I missed being back on campus and around students everyday! Ministry in our Dallas communities has been such a blast and I’m excited to share with you all the neat things God has been up to this past month.
Richland FOCUS
Community college has such a special place in my heart! After doing ministry for a year at Richland I was excited to get to be back on campus and meeting students. This school year we are trying something a little different on campus and we are having coed cores (small groups) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Cores are a great way to build friendships and learn about God together as a community. We had around twelve people show up to our first one and we had such a fun and engaged group. Please be praying for the students that will be coming to core this year, that they continue to have open hearts to Jesus and His promises.
Welcome Week was such a blast at UTD, w…