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Hi Friends!
The semester is coming to an end.
It’s so crazy that we are in the middle of April and that the Spring semester is ending in four weeks. God has been so good to us this semester and I’m excited to share with you all the cool things that He has been up to.

Spring Showcase (the fundraiser we put on each year to send students to SICM) was a huge success! It was the first time to be at a new church, have two shows and one art show and thanks to you the event was so successful! We made over $17,000 in one day!! All of that will help in sending over a 100 students to SICM this May.
Richland: I love this school so much and coming after Winter Camp our students were excited about reaching out to our campus and sharing Jesus with their peers. This semester we started sending out students in pairs to have spiritual conversations with other students and they have been so encouraged by the outcome. In these conversations they are praying for students, starting a friendship and inviting…