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Hi friends,
The month of September was busy, fun and super rewarding! So here’s a debrief of all the cool things God has been up to in our ministry.

Fall Camp

This was my first camp with our Dallas (UTD/Richland/TWU Dallas) ministries and I was blown away by how much good can happen in only 24 hours. Since our theme for the school year is Be Brave we spent the weekend exploring the topic of bravery and how as Christians being brave means that we are choosing to trust God with our lives. During the weekend we had several of our students share different stories of points in their life they chose to be brave and trust God. This required a lot of vulnerability for those sharing because they were choosing to speak to a community of over 170 students over things that are difficult, the student testimony topics included trusting God in our anxiety, forgiveness, worship, evangelism and others. From different conversations I had with our students these testimonies were so powerful and encouragin…

September Updates!

September is here, which means Fall is just around the corner, yay! It’s pretty crazy that the first month of my apprenticeship is done, God has been up to so many cool things already and I’m so excited for what is yet to come.

Here are a few things that happened the month of August!

Welcome Week:
During this time students new and old move-in to to their dorms and the campus puts on several kinds of events to get them involved with campus-life and to help them meet other students (hooray for friends). As a campus ministry FOCUS staff and students try to be present at all events to meet students and invite them to our organization. We also host events to invite those students to, this year we had a handful of events planned outdoors and although the rain called for adjustments to our plans this did not discourage our student leaders. We hosted multiple game nights indoors that lasted several hours and were a big hit, so many new faces and every new face was welcomed and included!