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My friends,
The fall semester is just around the corner! Soon so many freshman and transfer students will be stepping onto to the UTD and Richland campus for the first time. Our staff is so excited to get the school year started and we are currently working on building our student leader team for the 2017-2018 school year. The students on leader team volunteer 15+ hours to campus ministry - leading small groups, having 1:1 bible studies and doing outreach on campus. Be praying as we put together our leader team and pray for a restful summer because the first couple of weeks of school will be very busy and exhausting!
Summer Focus
Every Thursday night this summer all of our FOCUS ministries come together to worship, learn, and fellowship together. This summer the staff have been preaching sermons on relating to God and I am just blown away by all the great ministers I get to call my co-workers. This past week Brandon delivered a message on loving the word of God. I was so challenged to l…