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Howdy Friends!
The month of January has been so fun and God-filled, I’m excited to let you in on all the cool things that are happening in our ministry.
Winter Camp
This past month we had our annual Winter Camp at Sky Ranch, this is a weekend for all our FOCUS ministries to come together and worship, learn and have fun as a community. This year was a blast and we had over 600 people attend, thank you so much for your prayers! This camp we got to hear from different staff in our community and they got to speak to our students about topics such as the remnant, the family of God, the temple of God, work and vocation and more. All through the weekend and coming back from camp I kept hearing how blessed our students felt by certain messages. We are truly so blessed to have people in our community that are not just talented speakers but people who live their lives fully for Jesus.
This weekend was such a blessing to me as well. I got to spend more time with girls from our Richland ministry (…