Hello Team!

Hope you are doing well! In just a few weeks I will be starting my fifth welcome week as a campus minister, wild! If you have been part of my prayer and financial team since my intern year an update like this should be familiar for you. If you're new around here you should know that this is usually one of the busiest time for our ministry but also the most fruitful! For two-weeks we spend over 40+ hours planning events, attending events, meeting with new students, and so much more. These two weeks are important to try to connect with the new students that will be attending Richland College for the first time and invite them into Christian community. I shared last month how this will be looking a lot different for us because we haven't had to plan a welcome week in the middle of pandemic but we know that God still has work for us on the Richland campus. We have an awesome leader team for the 2020-2021 school year that is excited to serve the Richland campus and are so pumped regardless of the circumstances we are in. 

Old Testament Class: 
Every year the apprentices read through the whole OT, listen to Old Testament Foundations by Iain Provan, and are in class discussing what they are reading and learning. I took this class my apprenticeship year and it was the first time I read through the whole OT. I decided to take this class again with the apprentices and it has been a blast! I remember finishing this class the first time and thinking to myself "okay I understand about 10% of this" but it felt good to do something difficult and get through scriptures that can be hard to wrestle with and can at times be not so fun to read. Doing this a second time has been much easier but I'm continuing to learn so much more about God too. I would encourage everyone to listen to the audio part at least once. You can check it out here

I'm so thankful for your support and your prayers! Keep praying for our welcome week which kicks off the 24th of this month! :) 

Your Campus Missionary,


Our Richland students at an outdoor service.

Went to the beach this past month with my mom and cousin. 

This is Katelyn! We study the bible weekly and she will be starting her first year at Richland this Fall, yay! 

For our last Summer Focus we had an outdoor service! It was good to be together worshipping for our last service. 

Austin (UTA Staff) and I made four year commitments this past week. We will be working for FOCUS until 2024. Yay!