Good News about the Good News: 

This time last year our ministry was in a very chaotic state. A lot of lies, slander, gossip, leaders leaving the ministry. In the culmination of it all, a student named Adam Kuria said the following to our Richland staff, “God is creating a river that goes through Richland college, a river that brings life but in order to create that river the Lord is working through all the dirt and getting rid of all the junk.” In the midst of everything that was going on in our ministry, I remembered hearing Adam’s words and crying because I was tired. Crying because I didn’t see an end in sight. I wanted God to come fix this and to come fix it quick.

It’s been exactly a year since all of that happened and since Adam spoke those words to the Richland staff. He was absolutely right, a year later our ministry has never been healthier! Students are quick to bring sin into the light,  they challenge one another when they hear gossip/slander, they encourage one another, they love one another but most importantly our students are taking Jesus more seriously than ever.

Throughout the school year I have found myself thinking “My God, why do we have it so good this year?” And it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized how foolish that question is. Last year God was still with me and with our ministry. Last year, it was God that revealed the sin that was happening, it was God that grew our students in boldness to speak up against the lies that were causing dissension, it was God that reconciled relationships that I thought were broken, it was God that healed and strengthened our ministry, the list could go on. God was good last year and this year and he will continue to be good!

Here are the ways that God has been good to me and our ministry:
  • I have been given an awesome team to work with (staff and corefa), we laugh, we cry, we challenge one another, we affirm one another, look out for one another, and we love each other so much! 
  • Our students have been building deeper relationships in the ministry more than ever
  • Our students are being more outreaching to the Richland campus more than ever!  
  • We have the support of ministry partners that look out for us and paid for our students to go to Winter Camp. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! In less than 48 hours Sirak and I received calls/messages from you all that we were able to keep the discounted price of $45.
  • For the first time, I have hit my fundraising minimum, like what the heck, praise God! Thanks to you all again! 
  • More 1:1 Bible studies led by our students are happening! 

May I never forget that in seasons of hardships and in seasons of ease to continue to rejoice because Christ is still with me.

Thank you team, for your prayers, your support, your encouragement and for being faithful to what God is doing on the college campus. Praying for you all!

With love,
Sandra Salvador
The Thunderducks at Winter Camp!
Richland ladies + a girls sibling at a hangout at Cici's. 
The Richland campus was closed Thursday so we joined SMU for their Thursday Night Fellowship! It was so fun being with our SMU brothers and sisters! 
Richland had a Valentines day party after TNT and our students planned a Bachelor style Rose Ceremony and gave a rose to each of our staff. It was so fun and ridiculous!
My sweet friend Dani had a baby shower this past weekend. I'm so excited to meet baby Eliana.