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Hi Friends,

I usually send my ministry update later in the month but I’ll be in Washington state for SICM in just a few days and I won’t be able to send my blog out during the conference.  

SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry)

If you’ve been on my team for a long time or if you were ever in FOCUS you’re probably very familiar with SICM. The Collin, SMU and Richland ministries had to skip the May conference and this will be the first year a big group of us attends the June SICM. This year, I’ll be driving with three people from Dallas to Bellingham, we start our journey this Monday (6/10). As a student, SICM was very transformative for me because it gave me tools on how to be a missionary on my college campus as a student. It also made ministry and not so scary thing. I have seen SICM also be transformative to many of our college students, please be in prayer not only for our drive to Bellingham but for the week of the conference. Pray that our students hearts grow in their love for Jesus and His people. Pray that they stay awake, because SICM days are long and loaded with good information!

Summer FOCUS

As a staff, our hope and prayers are that our college students would not be in college forever. And one thing we want to help our students with is transitions, specifically concerning transitions after college. This Summer our sermon series will be addressing transitions and build a life wherever Jesus leads them. We are two weeks in and I’ve already been hearing great feedback from our student body. Continue praying for our Thursday night Summer Focus meetings.


I’m am now in my third summer of fundraising and although God has always generously provided through you and others this season tends to always be a stressful one for me and our all of our staff. One thing I don’t do every year is pray for our fundraising consistently and faithfully. Please join me in doing that! I’m currently praying for 15 people to join my support team this upcoming school year and could use others to join me in praying for God to bring those people.

Last prayer request (I promise).
This Thursday morning (6/6), I’ll be having surgery to remove my gallbladder and for some reason I’m a little freaked out about going under anesthesia. If you could pray for the procedure and a quick recovery that would be amazing! I had been having some abdominal pain and I’m so glad I know what it is and thankful to be having surgery, it’s just a little scary because I never had any medical procedures, not even an ER visit. Thank you for praying!

So thankful for each of you!

Your friend and campus missionary,

Sandra Salvador

I got to catch up with Sayuri over Facetime, she's all the way in Angola! 

Our last Richland staff picture with Jesse. We are going to miss him so much!

Got to celebrate my sweet friend Kristin, who gets married this weekend! 


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