Hey team!


I can’t believe the school year is officially over. What a year! This past week has been full of end of the year festivities, encouragements, and even some tears. As I reflect back on the past school year, God has been so sweet to me and our ministries. This year has been one of tremendous growth for our staff, our leader team, and our student body.

I asked three Richland ladies the following “How has God been faithful to you this school year?” I was so encouraged by their responses that I wanted to share them with you! Side note: They were so excited to be featured in this months ministry blog.


This is Reni! I get to meet with Reni weekly to study the Bible. She is a deep-thinker, honest, and has such a hunger to get to know more of Jesus. She is also an amazing singer!

“God has been so faithful to me this school year. He has always been with me but starting college I never felt more blessed in my relationships with my professors and companions and even my school work. God has introduced me to new friendships that have aided me in my confidence. One thing I have always been struggling with is knowing how to love myself. This year I have become a better performer through the opportunity in FOCUS to worship at TNT. I’ve learned to put the same compassion I put into others into myself which strengthens my relationship with not only my dear friends but God.” - Reni

This is Rinsy! Although Rinsy is only 18 she is wise beyond her years. Rinsy is such an example of what it means to love God and love others well. I’m so thankful that we get Rinsy for another year the women in our ministry are so blessed by her.

“One thing I have learned this year is that life can only get better when you have God in it. It is amazing how such a perfect being could love such an imperfect person like me. I have not just tasted this goodness of God this year in my life, I have had a whole meal. He has showered me with so many blessings and made my burdened heart light. His way works, and His way is the best. No love compares to the love of God and I am so grateful that He chose me to show his love to.” - Rinsy

This is Sayuri! Everytime I talk to Sirak (my pastoral supervisor) about Sayuri I get teary-eyed because she has been such a blessing to me and has given me so much life. She is such a light wherever she goes and our ministry is so much more kind because of her. It has been such a blessing getting to meet with her weekly to study the Bible. She is from Angola and I’m so sad she’s leaving me for the summer but I know that next school year she is going to be such a blessing to the women’s side of the ministry. 

“God has been faithful to me this school year in the way that he opened many doors for me and allowed me to never feel alone or misplaced. I learned methods to develop a closer relationship to God and life in Christ. Moreover, I also learned not to act based on my emotions and always be patient and trust the process.” - Sayuri

God brought these three students into our ministry this past year and we are so thankful. I'm also so thankful for you and your generous heart. I wouldn't be able to be on campus full-time doing ministry if it wasn't for your giving. This is just a glimpse of some of the things God is doing in the lives of students. It has been a great 2018-2019 school year. This summer we will continue having our fellowship meetings on Thursday nights with all of our FOCUS ministries our kickoff is the 23rd! Pray for our summer meetings. Thank you team! 

Your Campus Missionary,Sandra Salvador

Our last leader team picture. Love these sweet humans. :)

Our Richland end of the year party! 

During out End of the Year Party we asked the students to share
 "How they have seen God at work this year?" it was such an encouraging time!