My friends!

The Spring semester is in full swing and so many cool things have happened this past month. I’m in awe of God’s work throughout our campus ministries and especially the Richland campus. I hope you are blessed by the latest details of our not-so-little anymore campus ministry.

Thursday Night Thunder or TNT - of course we had to come up with a exciting name for our weekly fellowship meetings. This semester we kicked off our weekly fellowship meetings on the Richland campus. We are only a few weeks in and each week we have had over 50 students attending. Our students are really excited about having a fellowship meeting of their own and I have seen them take ownership of TNT by inviting students, helping with setting up, and engaging during the sermon and bringing energy into our time together. Please continue to pray for our students and staff as we are on this journey of growing and maturing as a ministry!

Winter Camp - I say this every year, but gosh this camp was my favorite one yet! We had the privilege of hosting Dr. John Stackhouse (Theologian and Professor at Crandall University) and over the weekend he spoke to our students on how to be a Christian while also confronting the culture of our time. I was so blessed by his wisdom and thoughtfulness when teaching us. He was also such a trooper and led two Q & A’s for our students, answering a WIDE variety of questions, it was such a blessing to our students. If you’d like to give it a listen click here.

Core: One of my favorite things of my week is getting to lead a core (our weekly Bible studies) at Richland. I was a little scared we were going to lose momentum after being on break for so long but that was NOT the case for our girls. If anything, some of my most quiet ladies have been sharing and opening up more during core. Our discussions are deep, honest, and vulnerable. Jesus is moving in these ladies and weekly I see how the scripture moves them and challenges them to be more like Jesus.

My team, thank you for your love, support and prayers! I am truly so blessed by you all. I’m honored to get to serve God on the college campus and although they are a little wild, I sure do love them! Enjoy the pictures!

With Love,
Sandra Salvador

Our first Thursday Night Thunder. :)

The Thunderducks at Winter Camp 2019

A few of our students at an after event after TNT.

Discussion time during TNT.