Hey Friends!

Christmas is almost here!!!

Another semester in the books! These past few months have flown by, it seems like just yesterday that our staff and student leaders were prepping for Welcome Week. This year has been one of so much growth for our ministry and each of our students involved. God has been so good to us the past few years and this year throughout all of our five cores we have over 40 students that are in our ministry!

Our student leaders have done such a great job at loving and spending time with students on our Richland campus, I’m so proud of each of them for volunteering so much of their weekly time to serve our community. Also, our leader team has been so much fun to work with! Pray for a restful and rejuvenating Winter break for these students for all their hard work this semester.

Next Spring we are praying about moving our Richland fellowship meetings to Thursday nights if you could spend time praying for that decision that would be so great!

Thank you all so much for your support over the years! I’m so blessed to have a team that is continually giving to a mission that is changing the lives of so many college students! If there is anything that I could be praying for don’t hesitate to let me know!

Went on a Thanksgiving road trip with my family and my friend Tabby to Arizona. Ya'll, I cried when I saw the Grand Canyon.

Richland leader team! Love each of these peeps!

This is Claude, I get to study the Bible with this sweet girl every week. She has been such a blessing to me. I have seen her grow so much in her love for Jesus and His People. 

Me and Sirak at our final Richland Focus! We celebrated with sharing encouragements and having lunch together.

Our Richland Christmas Party! It was such a blast!

The Richland Gals! :)