My Friends!

It’s officially the last week of summer! The FOCUS staff just got back from our fall semester staff retreat and although I’m just now catching up on sleep, staff retreat is one of my favorite things we do each semester. We have 12 apprentices this school year and they are going to be such a great addition to our team! Some of my favorite moments have happened during those times. This is a time to get to bond as a staff, get to know each other, pray and prep for the school year. We took two nights from staff retreat to share 2-3 events that have shaped our lives. In hearing these stories I was in awe of how good God has been to each of us and thankful that a team so diverse in backgrounds is on campus making the name of Jesus known!

In just a few days our UTD students leaders will be getting together in preparation for the beginning of the school year. In just a few days hundreds of new freshman, transfers, and international students will be stepping onto campus grounds for the first time ever and we are so excited to get to meet them. For a whole week, we will be on campus playing board games, sports, swimming to meet these students.  Please take some time to pray for the incoming students, staff and student leaders.

In other exciting news, we will be having five cores (gender specific small groups) at Richland! This is the most we have ever done and we are excited for what God has in store this school year. I will be meeting every week with the Richland women student leaders to mentor and help them as they lead a core this year. I’m excited to keep you all updated once we kick off the school year you can also read more from Richland from my friends and coworkers Sirak ( and our full-time apprentice Jesse (

Here’s what you can join me in prayer for:
  • Boldness for our student leaders to go and meet the students God wants them to meet
  • Our cores at UTD and Richland
  • Tuesday Night Fellowship this is the first time we are adding a second service. Pray that God’s hand is in all of that as we start that up. 
  • Friday Night Service our kickoff night is August 24th

I’m so THANKFUL for your prayers and support. I love getting to do ministry and because of people like you I get to do this as my job! If you haven’t had a chance to set up your monthly or yearly contribution you can do so at If there’s anything I can be praying for please let me know!

Your Campus Missionary,

Sandra Salvador

One of our Richland students Reece got baptized this month! He will be leading a core this school year at Richland. So excited for him! :)

I took a short trip to Mexico to visit my sweet family! It had been over three years since I last saw them. 

Our 2018-2019 FOCUS Apprentices. This team is so fun and they are so excited to be serving on the college campus this year. 

Sweet staff girls! We took a trip to go get snowcones during staff retreat.