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Happy Summer, my friends!

We are halfway through the year, how did that sneak up on us? This Summer has been such a great time catching up with friends, donors, and students. If I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you in June, you will be hearing from me soon. :)

We are only half way through Summer but it’s already so filled with so many memories. Here are a couple of things I have been up to since the end of the school year.

Corefa Selection: Each Summer we spend time selecting student leaders to volunteer their time to lead small groups on the college campus. For an entire school year, these students commit over 10 hours to serving students on their campus and sharing Jesus with them. Pray for the Dallas team as we have these conversations with students and pray for boldness as the students decide to step up and serve their campus. Every year we have students that are excited to lead, pray this year that excitement will continue!

Planning for the School Year: This Summer our staff also prays and decides on a sermon series for our fellowship nights. The theme for this school year is “ALL IN” we chose this because we want it to encompass a couple of things for our community. First, we want to call our students to be people that are all ALL IN for Jesus, meaning that we want all aspects of their lives to reflect Him and to only be obedient to Him. Secondly, we want the theme to reflect that all nations, tribes, language are also God’s people.

Another sweet thing about this Summer is that I have gotten the chance to see so many of my favorite people get married! The weekends have been busy with the weddings but it has been an absolute joy getting to attend and celebrate with them! :)

Thank you so much for everything that you do! As always, I’m so thankful for your prayers and support. If there’s anything I can be praying for please let me know.

Your campus missionary,

Sandra Salvador

Sweet Richland at Sirak's wedding. 

Love getting to work with Sirak. His wedding was so sweet and I'm so excited for him and Sloan.

Dawn and I took a weekend trip to visit some of our UTD girls in Austin.

I look crazy, but we celebrated Darby (the red-haired girl in the back) getting married with some laser tag and dinner. :)


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