My friends,

I wanted to take some time to show you the girls that I will be meeting with weekly this school year. All of these girls are going to be student leaders (CoreFa’s) serving the Richland College campus this year. I’m so excited and blessed to spend time with each of these ladies. They each gave me a prayer request for you all as they kick off the school year!
Catherine is a returning corefa this school year, which means she’s a pro at it. This is my third year meeting with Catherine and it has been so neat watching her grow in her love for Jesus and in her confidence to lead Richland women in their spiritual walk. She’s so good at making others feel important! Catherine’s prayer request is that everyone who walks into the Richland Focus ministry feels loved and valued as she has. She also wants to grow in her love for people by letting them into her relationship with Jesus. 

Ann is one of the funniest people to be around! Ann actually got involved through a volleyball outreach event on campus and she is so excited to lead her first core ever. I’m also excited to be leading with her this school year. This girl is so good at noticing people and making them feel loved and included.  As the school year starts she asks for peace with managing everything that's on her plate. 

Claire is such a gem! She might give you a million reasons why she’s very freaked out about leading a core this year but I know she’s going to absolutely be a great leader! She continually pushes herself to try new things that make her uncomfortable and I know that’s going to be so valuable to all the girls in her core to learn from her. She wants prayers for strength and courage this year! 

 Kiden has been so open and vulnerable with her life since day one. This is such a great quality for the Richland campus because most students can only be silly. I’m so excited that she is part of our team this year and we love to joke around about her core being a cry fest. Kiden is going to be a busy lady this week so her prayer request is that she is able to balance work, school, ministry, and everything that might pop up.
Javi has been in ministry since day one because her parents have led and worked for multiple ministries throughout the years and she is excited that she now gets to lead women and share Jesus with them. Everyone who meets her loves her because she is so warm and welcoming to all, she also isn’t afraid to challenge people to help them grow to be more like Jesus. Her prayer request is to grow in vulnerability especially in core. She also wants to grow in her knowledge of scripture alongside her co-leader Claire.
A quick update on my time at UTD! This year our ministry at Richland has grown significantly which means I’ll be spending more of my weekly time on that campus, leading core, meeting with the women that lead and join our ministry. I will still be working some hours at UTD, meeting with returners and helping with leading 1:1 Bible Studies. I just wanted to let you all know because I bet my monthly blog will be filled with Richland updates. :)
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! I am so thankful and blessed by each of you. If there’s anything I could be praying for just let me know.

Your Campus Missionary,

Here's our Richland leader team for the 2018-2019 school year!

Kiden got baptized this past month! Woo-hoo!

A couple of Richland students during Welcome Week!