Hi Friends!

The semester is coming to an end.

It’s so crazy that we are in the middle of April and that the Spring semester is ending in four weeks. God has been so good to us this semester and I’m excited to share with you all the cool things that He has been up to.

Spring Showcase (the fundraiser we put on each year to send students to SICM) was a huge success! It was the first time to be at a new church, have two shows and one art show and thanks to you the event was so successful! We made over $17,000 in one day!! All of that will help in sending over a 100 students to SICM this May.

Richland: I love this school so much and coming after Winter Camp our students were excited about reaching out to our campus and sharing Jesus with their peers. This semester we started sending out students in pairs to have spiritual conversations with other students and they have been so encouraged by the outcome. In these conversations they are praying for students, starting a friendship and inviting them to core.

UTD: Each week I get to meet with several women from the UTD campus and I have been so blessed by their consistency in serving Christ and their love for his people. Last summer we were struggling with finding women to lead our small groups. The women staff prayed and God has brought to our ministry so many ladies who are excited about serving their campuses.

Student Spring Impact (SSI): Each year we host a group of Washington students that come during their Spring Break to do outreach and ministry on our campuses for a week. They spend all day going out having spiritual conversations with students, inviting them to games, inviting them to our ministry. We had so much this year with their team and they were all so encouraged by the conversations they got to have during the week. Continue praying for these students and their ministry at Western Washington University!

As the semester comes to an end please be praying for our students. They tend to lose energy and motivation when they need it the most! I can already notice some of them being disconnected in cores and even during our fellowship time. Pray that they finish the semester well - in their classes, cores, and one-on-one Bible studies. The end of the semester is also exciting because we have so many parties and cake! So yay!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! I’m so blessed to have you on my team and I hope you feel blessed by what God is doing on the college campus. As always let me know how  I can be praying for you!

With Love,

Your campus missionary,


This sweet lady is one of the girls that will be going to SICM in May! 
As an outreach event we played 9-square in the air for the first time on our UTD campus! 

At Richland, we asked students to respond to who God the Father, the Son, the Spirit is for them. 

At UTD we asked questions relating to God and Justice. 

Took a road trip to Colorado with some ladies to visit our friend Autumn. 

My sweet friend Danyelle got to visit this month from Bolivia, where she's a missionary. 

Our Dallas staff had dinner and fro-yo together this past month!