Hey Friends!
Hoping your February has been going great and you have stayed far from the flu! This year is already moving too fast, am I right?. January was full of exciting things, hope you are blessed to get to read about some of the neat things that are going on in our neck of the woods.

I kicked off the year by heading to staff retreat in Burnet. We have a retreat before the start of each semester and they are such a blessing to my personal ministry. Staff retreat is a time where we reflect  on our relationship with God, relate to one another (this is the most time I get with the staff from other campuses), and we get to share about our ups and downs from the Fall semester. It’s always a rejuvenating experience for me.

This past month we also headed to Winter Camp, this our biggest event of the year! We had around 20 students from Richland that got to experience camp for the first time. It’s been a month and they are still talking about the experience and I know this will be such a special memory for the years to come. This camp we had our friends  from Western Washington University come and share with our students about our “Send Me” theme. The weekend consisted of sermons that challenge some of the obstacles that get in the way of reaching out to our campuses but also encouraged all of us to be people on mission! Our students were so blessed to have Geoff and Jessica Mumley come speak at our camp, there are too many good things to share about the sermons but I encourage you to go listen to them here.

Core at Richland College has been so encouraging after Winter Camp. Our students really caught a vision for their campus and have been outreaching to their at school. It has been super special getting to see that the students that just joined in the Fall are already getting the vision and sharing Jesus with others!

As the semester continues please pray that the students don’t lose their groove and excitement about being people who are sent. Pray that the Spirit will continue moving through them and our campuses!

Thank You for all your support and encouragements! As always let me know how I can be praying for you.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Your campus minister,


Me and some girls from Richland FOCUS

Richland FOCUS kiddos

Everyone from camp! :)