My Friends!

How are we already wrapping up the semester? Our students have started finals and it feels like Welcome Week was just a few weeks ago. Here are some highlights from my ministry this past month.

One of the things we value as a ministry and that we want our students to also value is learning and pursuing God. Once a semester we do an event called Pizza Theology to help our students learn and think more critically about Christianity. This month we had Professor of Greek and New Testament, Bill Watson from Criswell College lead us in a lecture on the Sermon on the Mount. I was so blessed by his lecture! For four hours we explored the words of Jesus and how we are called to live like Him. Wanna know something cool? You can listen to the lecture here. You will be so blessed!

Ministry at Richland has been so so so encouraging. This semester building community and our ministry having a presence on campus have been so easy! Our students show up to core each week eager to learn about Jesus and engage in discussion about Him. For one of our cores this past month I asked our students to answer the question how didn’t you reflect Jesus this past week? I was impressed by the honesty from each of the students and their desire to change their lives to reflect Jesus.

Another cool thing that kicked off this month was our annual Keep FOCUS Growing fund. Each year we do this fundraiser to raise money to pay for ministry expenses such as outreach on our campuses, counseling for students, benevolence for students,  worship equipment and many more things that are necessary to keep our ministry running! Our goal for this year is to raise $50,000. We have raised $33,879.18!! Which is such a blessing!!

If you have not had the chance to make a special contribution and would like to give to KFG. You can donate here!

Thanks a bunch for your support and love for campus ministry! As you journey through this holiday season, I pray that it may be one of reflection of our good Father and the many blessings that He bestows upon us.

As always let me know how I can be praying for you.

With love,

Your Campus Missionary Sandra

Our annual FOCUS Open House

Pizza Theology we packed up the auditorium!

Tuesday afternoon Richland Core. So blessed to lead this group each week. 

This month's student testimony is from my dear friend Danyelle! Danyelle and I came to FOCUS the first semester it kicked off at UNT way back in the Spring of 2010. It was such a blessing getting to be in the same ministry as her. She is smart, kind, funny and someone who has such a heart for Jesus and His people. She also loves pranking people! I love her dearly and I'm so thankful that years later she is still part of my life despite her living in South America. I hope you are blessed by her testimony. You can read about her work in Bolivia here. :)