My friends,

It is Fall with a high of 90, happy November ya’ll!

Here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods this past month. God is continuing to build and grow our communities both at Richland and UTD and so many students are maturing in their faith. Thank you very much for all your support and please continue praying for the students in our ministry and our campuses.

This month’s student testimony is from one of my Richland favorites, Josh Erdmann! This guy is such joy to be around and makes our campus ministry so fun. He is one of those people that can strike a conversation with anyone which makes him so valuable to the Richland campus.

This semester I have also had the chance to do a 1:1 Bible study with Josh’s girlfriend Claire (love and obsessed with her) and this month I asked her how her relationship with Jesus has been impacted through Richland Focus and this was her response. “I finally am certain that I am a child of God and I have gained more of an understanding of what it looks like to be a disciple of Christ when I do ministry related things throughout the week.”

Here is the month in pictures :)

It was October so of course, some of the Richland ladies went to a pumpkin patch.

This is Summer, this semester we are studying the Bible together! 

Richland peeps bowling!

Stars game with our core! :)

This is Yatzel and me on Halloween! We meet every week to study the Bible. She's so cool and sweet! :) 

Our Church celebrated its 20th anniversary so we celebrated with a retreat! 

Richland Gals! :)

What would your tombstone say? At Richland we set up a table and asked the students walking by to write their epitaph. It was a very fun and thought-provoking event for our campus, a lot of neat conversations came from it.

Thanks a bunch for all your prayers, support and encouragements! Can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. As always let me know how I can be praying for you.

In Christ,