Hi Team! 

I can’t believe we are already in mid-April! We are four weeks away from the end of the Spring semester. That is so wild to me! 

The end of the Spring semester is always a bittersweet time for me as a pastor at Richland. Being in a community college our turnover is a lot quicker than universities. This year our ministry has brought some of the sweetest students in our leader team and in our ministry in general but for some this will be the last semester they will be at Richland. I am SO excited for their next step as they step onto the university campus in the Fall but we will definitely be missing them at Richland. Be praying for these students and their transition to a new campus and for some a new city. Their names are Rebekah, Nadra, Benji, Erika, Edward, Natallie, and Haylee. 

Ministry Updates

  • This year we planted at Brookhaven College and while starting cores on that campus has taken off we have met a couple of students there that are wanting community and are interested in growing in their faith. At the beginning of this semester I was able to connect with two girls Kris and Jolly. I have been meeting with both of them consistently. They are both very wise for their age and both are interested in continuing to grow in their faith while in college. Kris has quickly become like a little sister to me and is constantly cracking me up with how easily she gets tired of my teasing. She has quickly plugged into community and my favorite thing about her is how she is quick to serve others.
  • Core at Richland has been different this year but good different. The girls who are most consistent to our weekly time are all juniors in highschool! High School students at Richland have very busy schedules with classes from 8-5pm and it has been so encouraging that after a long day they come to core ready to talk and learn about Jesus. 
  • Thursday Night Thunder our weekly service has been going well! We have been trying to keep students engaged during our TNT's by trying out different activities through our service. This has been really fun and encouraging for me and my relationship with Jesus. Last week during my sermon about Jesus healing the invalid man at the pool we had a time of watercolor painting. After engaging with this story through the scriptures, a video, a re-telling from the man's perspective, they got to paint a word or phrase that was standing out to them. It was a sweet time! 
Thank You
  • In my last update I shared a prayer request for my dad and his health and I wanted to thank you so much for checking in on me and praying for him. I am seriously so blessed to have such a wonderful community! I wanted to give a quick update. I had previously mentioned that my dad had Cirrhosis of the Liver due to alcoholism well turns out that isn't the case. What he does have is something called Alpha 1 Trypsin Deficiency which has led to liver disease. My dad has been doing so much better these past few weeks and we recently had a conversation with his doctor about getting him on a liver transplant list. We are waiting to hear back about what to do next but please pray as we step into this process and figure out all the ins and outs. 
  • Thank you so much for continuing to take part in what God is doing on the college campuses! I am very blessed to get to do this work and it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't the faithfulness and the generosity of people like you. 

This is our Dallas College team this year! I'm so excited because Claire, Sirak, and Joey will all be re-committing this summer and they are staying on for three years. I'm so excited to have the same team next school year.  

This our watercolor painting night from last week! So fun! 

This is me with the SMU/Dallas College apprentices. I go to lead the Evangelism and Body Stewardship class for them this year. We went on a walk together after our discussion on exercising.

My friend and co-worker got married last weekend. Here's a silly pic with some of my favorite girls.