Hi Friends!

I can’t believe April is already here, so much happened this past month and I’m so excited to get to share the cool things the Lord has been up to.

Spring Showcase

Thank you all that were able to come to Spring Showcase this past weekend to help send our students to SICM this May! I mentioned in my last blog how each year we invite several students from our ministries to a ministry conference in Washington state, Spring Showcase is our annual fundraiser to cover all expenses to send our students on this conference. This year we are sending over 80 students to this conference and Spring Showcase helped with getting the funds to do that!

We are excited to send this group of potential leaders to SICM, as this conference approaches please be praying that the Lord will use this week-long training to get all of the students attending excited about campus ministry!

Spring Showcase was so fun, so many incredible performances and art from talented people in our community, here are some pictures from the night. If you didn't get to come to the show and you are interested in giving you still can here.

My sweet Ana and friends performing Proud Mary. Such a fun performance! PC: Sean Do

This group performed Trashin' the Camp from the movie Tarzan. I was so excited that this was happening on stage! 

Student Spring Impact (SSI)

Each year we have a group of students from Washington that come to Texas during Spring Break to do outreach at our campuses. We had a group of 12 come this year to our Dallas campuses, and every day from 11-5 they engaged students in spiritual conversation. During the week we would send people out and pairs and they would go up to students asking them for prayer or just getting to know them. I was so encouraged to see new faces come and play games with our ministry.

Here is our Washington SSI team! :)

Sharing outreach stories that happened during SSI at Richland :)

Doing outreach and playing four-square at UTD

Spring Break

This year I got to visit New Orleans with some of my girlfriends, I had never been to Louisiana and it was so cool getting to spend a couple of days exploring the city and eating good food. During our time there we got to visit the Whitney Plantation and learn about a German immigrant family and the slaves they brought with them. Getting to visit this plantation was so eye-opening and emotional, it was very touching getting to take a small glimpse of this time in history and the lives of many that were oppressed.

  • The end of the semester is approaching. Please be praying our students finish well in their classes, core and 1:1’s. It’s easy to lose steam at this point of the school year be praying that they don’t lose stamina. 

  • My brother and sister-in- law will are welcoming a baby girl this month. Pray for both of them and baby Zoe, that we have a healthy baby and healthy mom as the due date approaches and after. We are so excited to have a new member to our family. I’m especially thrilled to get to be an aunt! 

Thank you for your prayers and support! You have such an important role in what God is doing at UTD and Richland and I am thankful for your partnership.

Your sister,

Sandra Salvador


  1. Hosting the SSI students and watching them devote their spring break to reaching out to students is such a joy and an encouragement. I'm so glad you got to work with the team at UTD and Richland and be a part of some spiritual conversations. I am definitely excited about sending our students to SICM in Washington so they can see that community that cares so much about us.

    Also, you're gonna be an auntie! Hooray! So exciting!!

    Love you Sandra!


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