December Ministry Updates


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's finally cold in Texas, Christmas is just around the corner and my first semester as a FOCUS Apprentice is coming to an end. November was such a fun and busy month and these are some of the few things God has been up to in our ministry and in my life!

Keep FOCUS Growing

Each year we have a fundraising campaign to keep our campus ministry growing and to help prepare ourselves to go wherever it is the Lord may be calling us! The money from this campaign has helped start our ministries and help provide more resources for our students as well. Our goal for this season is to raise $55,000. Because of the generosity of people I was so blessed to be part of FOCUS as a student and know the huge impact of it. Please consider making a donation to continue doing kingdom work on our DFW Campuses. 

Pizza Theology
Once a semester we have an event called Pizza Theology, this is a time where we dive into a theological or social topic of some sort. All of our FOCUS campuses come together to learn for five hours and eat pizza together. It's always such a blast getting to do this, because who doesn't love learning? This semesters topic was "Hearing God's Voice in the Modern Age" a subject that came at such a great time in my life. Getting some time alone and in silence with God can often be a challenge for me for several reasons but after this event I made some goals for myself to spend time with Him talking and being more aware of His goodness.

Our students at Pizza Theology! 

Ministry at UTD/Richland College

God has been doing incredible things in our Dallas ministries. With the end of the semester approaching I have been reflecting on what God has been doing in our students lives and what a joy it is to get to be part of that! At Richland for two weeks in a row we asked our students questions about Jesus and Politics and getting to engage and hear our students voices was such a blessing. Through these conversations I'm getting to know the needs of that community and God is definitely at work! 

Some of our Richland College Alumni and Current Students at a friends wedding! :) 

What to be in prayer for 
  • Finals are starting and our students are stressed and overwhelmed. Pray that they are able to finish the semester strong and get the necessary rest! 
  • For our Keep FOCUS growing initiative and that we quickly reach our goal of $55,000! 
  • Holidays, pray that our students have a fun and good homes to spend the holidays and that they are able to rest before the start of the Spring semester. 
  • Winter Camp, the beginning of our Spring semester starts with a four day camp that brings all of our FOCUS ministries together for a time of learning, worship and fellowship! This is one of the best events of the school year! 


For your prayers, support and love. I am so incredibly thankful for you and your support for campus ministry. As Christmas approaches I wanted to leave you with a poem from an advent devotional I have been doing. Here's a link to all of them if you want to check it out

With love, wishing you the merriest of Christmases! 

Sandra Salvador

The Disarming Child
by Charlie Lowell

Helpless and human
Diety in the dirt,
Spirit married with flesh
We couldn’t make it to you,
But you come to us.

You always come to us.
In our stubbornness and desire,
Entitlement and shame
Remind us that we need you,
Merge your untamed Spirit with our flesh.

We try to forget those
Years of wandering.
Shackles and masters,
An eternity of doubting
And still, you come to us.

A divine intrusion
Through our scheming and chaos-
Coats of armor, angels and armies.
Do some wrecking here,
And gently come to us.

Disturb us this day
Through sorrow and through dancing,
The bliss of joy and sting of death
Past hands that would threaten and tear,
You come to us extravagantly.

From your manger lowly,
Mighty and mysterious
You come to us, Seed of Heaven
Spirit wed with flesh,
These broken hearts to mend.